Heavy Duty Scuff Strip Hose


Designed specifically for the fish farming industry, it is tough, flexible and extremely durable for severe working conditions. It is reinforced with a semi-rigid crush resistant white PVC helix that is protected by a raised scuff strip. It has outstanding resistance to the effects of weather and minimum frictional loss achieved by the smooth bore. Excellent chemical resistance.

Smooth Outer No
Product Ref.
Internal Dia. Inches
Internal Dia. mm
External Dia mm
Wall Thickness Overall mm
Weight kg/m
Min Bend Radius
Vacuum m of H2O
Working Pressure Bar
Coil Length Metres
Product Ref.CSS40
Internal Dia. Inches4”
Internal Dia. mm102
External Dia mm118.0
Wall Thickness Overall mm8.0
Weight kg/m3.95
Min Bend Radius630
Vacuum m of H2O9
Working Pressure Bar4.3
Coil Length Metres30
Product Ref.CSS50
Internal Dia. Inches5”
Internal Dia. mm127
External Dia mm144.2
Wall Thickness Overall mm8.6
Weight kg/m5.25
Min Bend Radius850
Vacuum m of H2O9
Working Pressure Bar4.0
Coil Length Metres30
Product Ref.CSS60
Internal Dia. Inches6”
Internal Dia. mm152
External Dia mm172.4
Wall Thickness Overall mm10.2
Weight kg/m7.45
Min Bend Radius1100
Vacuum m of H2O9
Working Pressure Bar3.7
Coil Length Metres30
Product Ref.CSS80
Internal Dia. Inches8”
Internal Dia. mm204
External Dia mm227.0
Wall Thickness Overall mm11.5
Weight kg/m11.75
Min Bend Radius2030
Vacuum m of H2O8
Working Pressure Bar3.3
Coil Length Metres10
Product Ref.CSS100
Internal Dia. Inches10”
Internal Dia. mm254
External Dia mm282.0
Wall Thickness Overall mm14.0
Weight kg/m16.6
Min Bend Radius2540
Vacuum m of H2O8
Working Pressure Bar3.0
Coil Length Metres10

(i) Maximum working pressure is based on a factor of safety of 3:1 on short term burst pressure at 20°C. If the temperature increases, please refer to the temperature pressure charts.
(ii) Lengths detailed above are as standard, however variations may be available subject to minimum order quantities. Weights are approximate dependent upon working tolerance and
density of materials.
(iii) Bending diameter information is intended as a guide to the minimum bend radius at 20°C ambient temperature without restricting the bore. It does not mean that the hose cannot be
bent below the given dimensions but restriction is likely to occur.


Designed specifically for the fish farming industry. Also suitable for water, sewage, dredging, slurries, general industry and


Crush resistant anti-
shock PVC spiral helix encapsulated in a clear flexible PVC cover, with a smooth inside wall and an external blue scuff strip.


Standard – Clear With Blue Scuff Strip

Temperature Range

-10°C to +55°C

Size Range

4” to 10”

Standard Length

30m Coils up to 6″
10m Straight cured lengths over 6″

Special Features

  • Excellent abrasion resistance from external scuff strip
  • Tough, flexible and extremely durable for severe working conditions
  • Outstanding resistance to the effects of weather
  • Minimum frictional loss is achieved by the smooth bore
  • Excellent chemical resistance


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