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GRIFLEX is a leading British manufacturer providing high quality hose and ducting solutions for more than 60 years. As a British manufacturer, we are proud of our heritage of delivering high quality and technically advanced products and solutions for new and existing customers.

Our Birmingham manufacturing facility has more than doubled in size because we’ve invested in the latest production technologies. We have always been the best and our expanded manufacturing and warehouse facility with the latest technologies has given us the power to compete in today's global marketplace.

We’ve built our reputation on quality and product performance, while ensuring that our full range of products remain highly competitive with end users. GRIFLEX products offer savings in both piece price costs together with cost down initiatives brought about through product efficiencies.

Our products are available in sizes from 6mm to 254mm (¼” to 10”) internal diameter and are intended for use in a diverse range of applications including the suction and delivery of water, oil, sewage, slurries, powders and the conveyance of liquids and gases in factory air lines, pneumatic equipment and general workshop use. We have the duct, hose or flexible piping in the ply needed for home or industrial use.

We provide PVC and PU flexible and silicone ducting and ducting ventilation. Clear or coloured, rubber, or plastic, there is no need to search any further. Our standard product range centres around five prime material compositions - rigid PVC, soft PVC, Polyurethane (PU), steel wire and braided copper wire. Using these materials, we offer a product range broad in terms of both size and variation, which includes water suction and delivery hose, food, dairy and drinking water hose, fuel and oil hose as well as air suction and ducting hose.

We are not limited to these variations and can produce all hoses and tubes to bespoke customer requirements, assuming minimum manufacturing quantities are met. The finished products can be highly flexible, capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations, be crush resistant and have the capability of handling both an internal vacuum and high working pressures. Whether the demand is for abrasive applications or for the extraction of fumes, we have the flexible ducting hose solution. If you need to extract sawdust, or sugar, we can provide the product.

ith some 59 different hoses, tubes and ductings to choose from, available in a variety of sizes and colours, we have, or can create, a product to suit your application. From suction hose assemblies, connectors, clips, and clamps to stainless steel accessories, and regardless of the pressure or heat a pipe needs to withstand, we can meet any industrial needs you may have.

Our hoses are integral parts of the Automotive, Agriculture, Marine, Engineering and Chemical Industries. We are involved in special projects with customers where a specific hose, pipe or tube is required for a new, existing or complex application. Our ability to come up with solutions is a hallmark of our innovative and experience ability to be on the cutting edge of our industry.

For more information on how we can meet the specific needs of your company and your industry, please call us on 01675 464803 or click here.

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