CDLXE - Lightweight Water Delivery Hose, Super Elastic

  • description

    A lightweight PVC hose, reinforced with a semi-rigid crush resistant white PVC helix. It is tough, flexible and extremely durable under normal operating conditions. It has outstanding resistance to the effects of weather.

    Minimum frictional loss is achieved by the smooth bore.

     Also available:

    CD is a heavier weight version of CDLXE for more arduous applications.

    CDFG is a non-toxic lightweight delivery hose for more food processing applications. 

  • application

    Delivery and light duty suction of water, slurries and powders. This product is particularly popular in the agricultural, horticultural, marine and construction industries. Within the agricultural industry the hose is specifically used for conveying liquid fertilisers, dilute chemicals and insecticides.  

  • construction

    White rigid crush resistant anti-shock PVC spiral helix encapsulated in a flexible PVC cover, with a smooth inside wall. 

  • Special Features

    • Optimum flow is maintained by the smooth bore

    • Tough, flexible and extremely durable under normal operating conditions

    • Flexibility maintained even under cold weather conditions

    • Outstanding resistance to the effects of weather 

  • Colours

    Standard – Transparent Green, White Helix

                         Transparent Yellow, White Helix 

  • Size range

    1” to 2”

  • Standard Length

    30 metres supplied in a coil 

  • Temperature Range

    -15°C to +65°C 

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